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Microsoft SQL Server Reference Architecture and Appliances

Microsoft has made available SQL Server appliances and reference architectures that allow customers to deploy data warehouse (DW), business intelligence (BI) and database consolidation solutions in a very short time, with all the components pre-configured and pre-optimized.  These appliances include all the … Continue reading

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Consultants: 1099 or W-2?

As a consultant or contractor, you can sometimes be faced with the decision when taking a new contract of whether to go 1099 or W-2.  Essentially, the question is in what manner will you be paid by your client.  Having faced that decision a … Continue reading

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What is a Microsoft Regional Director?

First off, they don’t work for Microsoft.  A Microsoft Regional Director (RD) is an unbiased third-party evangelist of Microsoft products and services.  Regional Directors are members of an elite, worldwide group of technology thought-leaders known for their national and international speaking … Continue reading

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Microsoft Partner Network explained

I’m sure in your travels in the field of IT, you have seen or heard of companies being called a “Microsoft Partner”.  If you were like me, you had no idea what that really meant.  Was it something a company … Continue reading

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Miss 24 Hours of PASS ? No problem, all videos are online

All the videos for the sessions at 24 Hours of PASS are available for free.  Check the session schedule for a complete list.  Some great stuff!

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Context-sensitive menus in PerformancePoint

Frequently I see a bit of confusion from business users when using an analytic grid on a dashboard in PerformancePoint.  The confusion comes when you right-click on the analytic grid and see a context-sensitive menu.  When you right-click on any … Continue reading

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Building a Visual Studio project from an existing SSAS database

Imagine you join a company, and there is an existing SSAS database that contains a few cubes that are working nicely.  You are asked to add an enhancement to one of the cubes, so you poke around in source control for the … Continue reading

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Ways to save money on Microsoft Software

If you are a developer and are on your own, or working for a company that does not have an MSDN subscription and you are looking at using a bunch of Microsoft tools, you can wind up spending a ton of … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2012 (“Denali”): Installing on a Virtual Machine

With CTP3 for SQL Server 2012 (code name of “Denali”) available, a lot of us want to play with all the new cool features, as well as the new tools, such as Crescent and Juneau.  The steps below are what I took to … Continue reading

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How to prevent blocking in your SQL Server database

As a SQL Server DBA, usually the largest databases in size and in number of users that I had to manage was an ERP database, such as Microsoft Dynamics AX.  And because these types of database typically have a lot of users, database blocking … Continue reading

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