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BIDS Helper 1.6 for SQL Server 2012 released

BIDS helper is Visual Studio add-in with features that extend and enhance the functionality of the SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 BI Development Studio, and now supports SQL Server 2012 (including tabular mode) and Visual Studio 2010 (SSDT).  Version 1.6 … Continue reading

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TinyInt problem in SSAS

If you have a source table that has a Tinyint primary key column defined as IDENTITY and you create a Data Source View (DSV) in SSAS and add that table (usually a dimension table), that IDENTITY field will be incorrectly … Continue reading

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SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) Appliance Update 3 (AU3)

In the next few weeks there will be an update to the SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) called “Appliance Update 3” or “AU3”.  More than just a cumulative update, an Appliance Update is a complete refresh on the entire solution including software, hardware, … Continue reading

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Dell Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance for SQL Server 2012

As a follow-up to my blog Microsoft SQL Server Reference Architecture and Appliances, Dell recently announced the future availability of Dell Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance based on SQL Server 2012.  Right now only HP has a Business Data Warehouse appliance (BDW).  Basically these … Continue reading

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Fast Track for SQL Server 2012

When the Fast Track Data Warehouse 3.0 Reference Guide was published, it was based off of SQL Server 2008 R2.  With the release of SQL Server 2012, as expected that reference guide has been updated.  While an official release has … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2012: xVelocity

After SQL Server 2012 was released this past week, I saw a few mentions from Microsoft about a new feature in SQL Server 2012 called “xVelocity”.  I have been using SQL Server 2012 for months now, playing with all the new … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2012: New Certification Info

As a follow-up to my posts SQL Server “Denali”: New Certifications and SQL Server 2012: New Certifications, there are now final details coming out about the SQL Server 2012 certifications.  The major news: UPDATE: Anyone can take the beta exams for free.  Just … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2012: Tabular Models vs PowerPivot Models

In SQL Server 2012, there is a new data model, called tabular, that is part of the new feature called the Business Intelligence Semantic Model (BISM).  BISM also includes the multidimensional model (formally called the UDM). The Tabular model is based on … Continue reading

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Houston Area SQL Server User Group Presentation

Thanks to everyone who attended my presentation “Scaling SQL Server to HUNDREDS of Terabytes” at HASSUG. Here is the PowerPoint presentation: Scaling SQL Server to HUNDREDS of Terabytes As a followup to a question from the presentation about clustering the appliances, I … Continue reading

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Data Warehouse Architecture – Kimball and Inmon methodologies

NOTE: The subject of this blog was developed into a presentation that can be found at: Building an Effective Data Warehouse Architecture What is the best methodology to use when creating a data warehouse?  Well, first off, let’s discuss some of … Continue reading

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