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Syncing your calendars

I have a desktop computer, a laptop, and a iPhone.  I frequently add meetings to my Outlook calender on my desktop computer, but sometimes enter them on my laptop.  And I frequently use my iPhone to alert me about upcoming … Continue reading

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Columnstore indexes and memory

Columnstore indexes are built and processed completely in memory.  You will receive an out-of-memory error if you do not have enough memory to build the columnstore index.  Column store processing is optimized for in-memory processing, however, they do not reside in memory … Continue reading

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What happens when a SSAS Tabular model exceeds memory?

If you are using the Tabular model in SSAS, it will use the xVelocity technology to load your entire database in memory (greatly compressing the database).  So what happens if your database is too big to fit in memory?  You … Continue reading

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Being careful in SSAS to not make a cube/dimension unprocessed

A big headache in SSAS, especially when dealing with a large cube, is making a change that when deployed, causes a cube to become unprocessed, forcing you to do a full process so the cube is usable.  Nothing is worse … Continue reading

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Data Warehouse vs Data Mart

I see a lot of confusion on what exactly is the difference between a data warehouse and a data mart.  The best definition that I have heard of a data warehouse is: “A relational database schema which stores historical data … Continue reading

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Fast Track Data Warehouse Reference Guide for SQL Server 2012

I have previously blogged about Fast Track Data Warehouse, a reference configuration optimized for data warehousing (see Microsoft SQL Server Reference Architecture and Appliances).  That was version 3.0 of the reference configuration that was for SQL Server 2008 R2.  Just released … Continue reading

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