Copying data from Azure Blob Storage

In a previous blog I talked about copying on-prem data to Azure Blob Storage (Getting data into Azure Blob Storage).  Let’s say you have copied the data and it is sitting in Azure Blob Storage (or an Azure Data Lake) and you now want to copy it from Azure Blob Storage into either SQL Server on an Azure Virtual Machine (SQL Server IaaS), SQL DW, or SQL DB.  Below I cover the various ways to do this by listing the technology and the supported destinations:

If loading data into SQL DW, check out loading techniques at Data loading into Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Here is an important point to keep in mind when reviewing your options if you are building a Big Data platform: all these options are copying data, but you can use PolyBase to query the data as it sits in Azure Blob Storage and avoid the ETL time and storage of copying the data.

Note all the above technologies that work against Azure Blob Storage will also work against Azure Data Lake except for PolyBase, which is not supported yet.

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