HP Superdome X for high-end OLTP/DW

No, Superdome X is not the name of the stadium where they played in the last Super Bowl.  Rather, Superdome X is HP’s top of the line server running Windows Server 2012 R2 and SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition or Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5 Datacenter edition and SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition.  The Superdome X platform can scale from a single blade solution up to eight blade servers, and each blade can have up to 48 cores and 3 TB of memory.  That means it can handle up to 384-cores and 24TB of memory!  For the SQL Server 2014 version it use the HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7440c storage array which consists of 224 SSD drives (480GB/drive) for a total of 107TB of disk space.  For the SQL Server 2016 version it uses the HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8450 storage array with 192 SSD drives (480GB/drive) for a total of 92TB of disk space.

It set the highest TPC-H metric for 10TB SQL Server 2014 workloads (see HPE Integrity Superdome X achieves two world records on TPC-H benchmark).  It is perfect for high-end OLTP and medium-sized mixed workloads.  It is a mixed workload system, which is a system that will support running two independent workloads (OLTP and data warehouse) concurrently on the same platform on two physical partitions.

The Superdome X platform is ideally suited for solving the scalability and performance needs of these mixed workload environments, allowing a single hardware platform to be logically partitioned to support multiple environments and workloads with dynamic adjustments to the processor, memory, and storage needs of each environment over time.

It’s efficiently bladed form factor allows you to start small and grow as your business demands increase.  As your databases grow or you need to support new applications, or when your application usage increases, you can efficiently scale up your environment by adding blades.  You can start as small as a 2-socket configuration and scale up all the way to 16 sockets.

More info:

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2 Responses to HP Superdome X for high-end OLTP/DW

  1. Todd Kleinhans says:

    That’s an amazing system! I like how SQL licensing is over half the cost of the ~1.7M price tag. With hardware capable of such high RAM, I would like to see the test re-run but using Hekaton. I wonder if TPC will come up with an in-memory database benchmark.

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