I provide consulting on architecture design, guidance, assessment, direction, and mentoring/training on Business Intelligence (BI), Data Warehousing (DW), Master Data Services (MDS), and the Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW), with a heavy emphasis on the Microsoft BI stack.  I can help with all phases of the end-to-end experience of building a BI/DW solution in order to make sure your projects are successful.  Basically I can do anything from being another set of eyes evaluating your goals and architecture to doing the actually coding (I’m well versed in SQL Server, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, PerformancePoint and PowerPivot).  A common request from many of my clients is “we want to make sure we are doing our project correctly, and can use your expertise to make sure we are on the right path and validate our architecture”.  Since I am well versed in all the technologies and have been involved with dozens of BI/DW projects, I can bring that experience to offer ideas and solutions that you may not have the in-house expertise for.  I can do a full review your environment and provide a DW/BI architecture assessment report, and be available for short-term reviews, assessments and mentoring as your project progresses.  I can also recommend people/consulting companies to build your solution or help interview consulting companies you are considering.  I have blogged about many of the areas that I can help with at

I can help answer such questions as:
– Are we using the best technologies/tools for this project?
– Are there other technologies/tools that would help us?
– Do we have the best architecture?
– Is this how other companies do it?

Making the correct decisions early in the project is vital.  You don’t want to realize six months into a project that you made a mistake or there was a much better way and now have to go back and re-work everything.  This is what I can help to prevent!

Send me an email and we can discuss your needs.

3 Responses to Consulting

  1. Ms Botha says:

    How does a plain old SQL person (without a lot of money to spare) go on to call themselves a proper BI Person?

  2. Wendy says:

    Could I get advice on SQLServer 2012 reporting serveice.
    Now we are designing the report on on SQLServer 2012 reporting serveice. our architecture is SQL Server 2012 SSIS+SSAS+Sharepoint +SSRS.
    We encountered a problem about performance in SSRS.
    we found data query is very fast within 1 secconds, but report rending takes too long as 2 minuates.
    we monitor the CPU and memeory situation, but no useful information, there is not a increase in CPU and Memory.
    Do you have any advice on this problem.
    thank you.

    • Mayank Pandey says:

      Hi wendy,
      I also faced same problem then I used with recompile option in stored procedure and now report is work fine.
      I got to know sql server and ssrs report sever have some conflict.I mean every time sql stored procedure executed within seconds but after using this in ssrs It’s taking long time like 4 or 5 seconds.
      Thanks Mayank(India)

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