Welcome To Machine

Hello World.  Stardate 1513.1.  After reading that, if you know what I am referring to, you are a tech-head and may continue to read this blog 🙂

So, the reasons that I am blogging:

1) I really enjoy helping others.  I’m making a pretty good pay rate as a Business Intelligence/DBA contractor, and can give advice on how you can too.  Hopefully I can help you get to that next stop in your career.  At the very least, maybe I can save you a few hours of solving a particularly difficult BI/DBA problem because I encountered that same problem and blogged the solution

2) For my long-term career success: Maybe a future employer will find me through my blog posts, maybe it will lead to one day to becoming a Microsoft MVP or presenting at conferences, maybe it will lead to name recognition and other contract jobs or side projects.  These are lot’s of “maybe’s”, but even if it opens one new door, it will be worth it

3) I will learn more about whatever I am blogging about.  Learning through teaching.  Each blog post will take some research, enhancing my knowledge of the topic.  It will also help me improve my communication skills

4) My own personal “knowledge base”.  If not a single person ever reads my blog, it still will be helpful for me.  How?  Many times I solved a difficult problem, only to forget what the solution was when I encountered the problem again.  Now, I will blog about it, and the next time it comes up, I will think “Oh yea, I blogged about this!”.  Then I will have the answer instantly instead of wasting time trying to recall the last solution.

5) A way to meet others and grow my professional network, and have them help me with problems or questions that I post about

6) It think it will be a lot of fun.  Actually, I think it will be a ton of fun

When I first starting thinking about blogging a few months ago, my first thought was “Only the top experts in their field blog”.  But a quick glance in LinkedIn revealed that there are tons of people blogging who are at all levels in their career, and they all offer something.  After all, even a newbie can offer help to other newbie’s at the very least.

My second thought was “what would I blog about?”.  So I started to keep a list of subjects to write about.  I did not think I would grow the list much, but in no time did I have over fifty items related to solutions to problems I ran across, recommendations for tools I use to enhance my productivity, and other tips related to BI/dba work.  Then I hit on blogging about something I don’t see much about: career advice for the technical professional.  I have been at this a long time, over 25 years as a programmer, dba, BI developer, and everything in between.  I have been a perm employee, contractor, and owned my own business.  Hopefully, all the experience will allow me to help you better your career, become more productive, and earn more money.  I’ll certainly give it a shot!

So in short, check out my blogs for career advice, tips to improve your work performance, and help with SQL Server and business intelligence.

Here are some great blog posts that encouraged me to start blogging:

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About James Serra

James is a big data and data warehousing solution architect at Microsoft. Previously he was an independent consultant working as a Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence architect and developer. He is a prior SQL Server MVP with over 25 years of IT experience.
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10 Responses to Welcome To Machine

  1. Brent Ozar says:

    Congrats, and welcome to blogging! Now comes the hard part – keeping it up. 😀

    • James says:

      Thanks Brent! Actually I owe you a real big thanks as not only did your “How do start a blog” article make it easy for me to get started, but it also gave me a lot of encouragement to become a blogger. A big thanks!

  2. Mike Walsh says:

    Great news! Was happy when I saw the trackback. Always like it when someone starts up. Looking forward to seeing your content, James.

    • James says:

      Well a big thanks to you Mike for your excellent article and providing incentive for me to take the plunge into the world of blogging.

  3. Mathew Hong says:

    Glad that you have a blog now James so your mind will be indexed when I access my special consulting database.

    Hope you are doing well and enjoying life in Texas. Now that I live in AL country I have a lot more opportunities to see the Yankees.

    Take Care.

    • James says:

      There were many times when Sean and I solved a problem and thought “this would be a great thing to blog about”. I’m finally taking the plunged.

      And glad to help your special consulting database, which I still find very useful.

      Doing well in Houston and thankful for satellite so I can watch every Yankee game.

      Thanks for the post!

  4. James Gustavus says:

    Outstanding. Now everytime I do a search on something database related, I will actually know the guy giving the advice. Congrats. And we still need to get some red devils. I got a good place.

    • James says:

      Hey James!

      Got a lot of good blogs coming up…I think you will like them. I may even do one about Solomon 🙂 Looking forward to 6 pounds of red devils.

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