TechNet Virtual Labs

There is an excellent site called TechNet Virtual Labs that enables you to quickly and easily evaluate Microsoft’s newest products and technologies via hands-on labs in which you are guided through the lab in about 90 minutes.

There is nothing to set up or install, as all the needed software is available via a Hyper-V session.  All the products you will use are installed, configured, and ready to go.  It’s the best way to play with a new product without having to create your own virtual machine and install a bunch of versions of trial software.  And best of all it is free.

The 26 SQL Server 2008 labs are at TechNet Virtual Labs: SQL Server 2008.

About James Serra

James is a big data and data warehousing solution architect at Microsoft. Previously he was an independent consultant working as a Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence architect and developer. He is a prior SQL Server MVP with over 25 years of IT experience.
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