SQL Server 2012 (“Denali”): T-SQL Enhancements

SQL Server 2012 has a number of new T-SQL features.  Listed below are all of the new features, along with the best links I have found that describe each feature:

WITH RESULT SETS, OFFSET AND FETCH, THROW, SEQUENCE: See New T-SQL Features in SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012-DENALI-whats new in T-SQL

FORCESEEK and FORCESCAN: See FORCESEEK and FORCESCAN – New enhancements with Table hints in SQL Server Denali CTP3

Conversion functions: See New Built-in Functions in SQL Server 2012 Denali and SQL Server 2012 – new conversion functions

Date and time functions: See New Date and Time Functions in SQL Server 2012

Logical functions: See New Logical Functions in SQL Server 2012 (IIF and CHOOSE)

String functions: See CONCAT() string function–SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server v.Next (Denali) : CTP3 T-SQL Enhancements : FORMAT()

Analytic functions: See The new Analytic functions in SQL Server 2012

More info:

Video The T-SQL Cookbook: What’s Cool in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and New in SQL Server Code-Named Denali”

Programmability Enhancements (Database Engine)

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James currently works for Microsoft specializing in big data and data warehousing using the Analytics Platform System (APS), a Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) architecture. Previously he was an independent consultant working as a Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence/MDM architect and developer, specializing in the Microsoft BI stack. He is a SQL Server MVP with over 25 years of IT experience.
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  1. Samuel Vanga says:

    Hi James, This is very good, a nice list of all the features in one place. And thanks for the link to my post. :-)

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