Power View for Multidimensional Models – Preview Available

Microsoft introduced an interactive data exploration, visualization and presentation experience called Power View with SQL Server 2012.  Power View can only consume data from tabular models.  At the PASS Summit (see PASS 2012 Announcements) it was revealed that you would soon be able to use Power View on a multidimensional cube.  Well that time is now!  The CTP is now available for download: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 With Power View For Multidimensional Models CTP.

The CTP contains enhancements in SQL Server Analysis Services and SQL Server Reporting Services to allow Power View connectivity to Multidimensional Models.  The CTP includes all the updates up to SQL Server 2012 SP1.  Here is what’s new:

  • SQL Server Analysis Services: This CTP updates SQL Server Analysis Services to expose tabular metadata for multidimensional models and support DAX queries based on the tabular metadata
  • SQL Server Reporting Services in SharePoint Integrated Mode: This CTP provides updates for Reporting Services integration with SharePoint products.  These updates allow Power View to understand tabular metadata for Analysis Services multidimensional models and create appropriate visualizations.  They also add support for Report Filters that affect an entire report and can be specified via URL parameters

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3 Responses to Power View for Multidimensional Models – Preview Available

  1. Emil Glownia says:

    That is good news…. I was waiting for this moment 😉

  2. james says:

    Any clue when it will be released fully (not CTP)?

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