Azure Advisor

Azure Advisor is a really cool personalized recommendation engine that provides you with proactive best practices guidance on High Availability, Security, Performance and Cost when using Azure.  It is in public preview.  Learn more about Azure Advisor here.

Azure Advisor analyzes your resource configuration and usage telemetry to detect risks and potential issues.  It then draws on Azure best practices to recommend solutions that will reduce your cost and improve the security, performance, and reliability of your applications.

It is real easy to use.  Just login to the Azure portal and click here (or click on More services link available at the bottom of the Menu and select Azure Advisor).  You then pick the subscription you want to analyze, filter by resource groups if you wish, and click the “Get recommendations” button.  You will then see a list of recommendations, that you can filter based on category (High Availability, Security, Performance, Cost):


You can then click to see the list of recommendations (some which have a snooze button so you can delay or dismiss taking action):


You can then drill down to see the list of resources the recommendation is for:


And then you can perform the fix:


This is a easy way to optimally configure your Azure resources!

More info:


A Quick Tour of the Microsoft Azure Advisor

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