SSIS package runs fine until put in a job

I see this issue pop up every now and then: A developer creates an SSIS package in BIDS and gets it to run fine.  Then the developer connects to Integration Services and uploads the package to the server, and then uses the Run Package, and again it runs fine.  But once the developer creates a job that runs the package, the job fails, despite all the correct security settings.

It’s a bit confusing: when you use the “Run Package” command in SSMS when connected to Integration Services, it starts the Execute Package utility (dtexecui.exe), which always runs a package on the local computer, even if the package is saved on a remote server.

So, if the package is using a local resource that is not there by default, like an Oracle ODBC driver, you must install that driver on the server that the package is on in order to get things working.

More info:

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