Colleges starting to offer business intelligence degrees

Interesting video on called Business Intelligence Takes Higher Education Students to the Head of the Class that talks about how colleges are noticing that there is a high demand for employees with business intelligence and analytics expertise, and are now offering these courses and degrees.  The colleges are also using these solutions to cut their own costs, improve patient care, and benefit the environment.

The video mentions the need for employees with BI and analytics skills is expected to grow 20 percent through 2018.

My research showed very few schools offering undergraduate degrees in BI, and a handful more offering graduate-level BI majors.

Undergraduate degrees in business intelligence:



More info:

Study: Colleges lack BI, analytics concentration

Why B-Schools Should Teach Business Intelligence

Should there be a major in business intelligence?

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James is SQL Server MVP and a independent consultant with the title of Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse/Master Data Management Architect and Developer, specializing in the Microsoft SQL Server BI stack.
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